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Hack for Uberstrike

Here’s a new hack for Uberstrike that’s as easy to set up using a few tools. The great thing about this Uberstrike cheat though is the fact it doesn’t require you to mess around with fiddler or any complicated tools. Built with the FBFla1 cheat macro engine it is a robust cheat tool with all packet spoofing done automatically for you. The cheat engine also gives a much wider range of flexibility when trying to get a cheat to work on a game. In fact the training mode of the cheat engine is so powerful it can be used to cheat on any browser based game out there. Its simply a case of setting up the training mode and playing the game in a methodical way to identify the elements the cheat engine will need to alter or spoof. But sometimes with more complicated cheats this can be a little time consuming. So we have pre made the Uberstrike Cheats macro to start you off. All macros are not protected or encrypted in any way so anyone is free to edit them to make their own variations. Start training mode with the /t switch in command line.

While the training mode may quite a steep learning curve for many people its very satisfying once it finally clicks. When you get to grips with macro recording with the cheat tool there is very little limit to what you can create.

Don't think that Uberstrike is just about speed and skill as there are some useful game play strategy's you should know. The basic objective is to kill or splat as many other players as you can in the first person environment, Jump off high-rising platforms, swim, run, and hide to prevent others from taking you out. Get together with a bunch of you online friends and create a Clan to further enhance your chances in the game. Assuming of course you are willing to work together. You could make a cheat that simply increases the Max height you can jump or make a low gravity mod for some real chaos. For now though the basic cheats already created as macros are all included.

Of course you could just try to get good at Uberstrike without using any hacks or cheats. A good example of this is Rocket jumps and you would do well to master this simple move. Its easier than you may think. If timed correctly just point you cannon at the ground and jump at the same time. Even more height can be had by doing a rocket jump on a spring pad. This can help you get to places other people cant reach. Another trick used by the professionals is timing of Uberhealth and UberArmour respawns. With practice this can become second nature to you to get these extras every time. Or at the very least more than other players. For UberHealth and UberArmour it is 1 minute to respawn where as Big Armour is 30 seconds. Once you have these timings down you will notice this is one of the better long term strategy's for doing well in a game. Of course this could be completely sidetracked by use of the Uberstrike cheats in the free download.

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Please be aware that as with any hack that gives you free dollars or credits you can risk loosing your Facebook account. For safety only hack armour and health on your main account and have a dummy account for dollars. With a fake account you can get free dollars without the worry of losing your main one. It should be obvious then what you can do to help your main account.